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Welcome here – and good bye to

Updated on 3 Feb 2012.

Hi there. I decided to scrub in favour of this new weblog which will focus more on personal interests & topics. Nevertheless some of my old spaceweblog posts will (re-)appear within a short time have re-appeared here in the meantime, others perhaps won’t, for various reasons. The database is still there, but it needs to be re-imported.

As mentioned on Twitter today: In case anybody is interested to take over the domain please get in touch (mail at spaceweblog dot de) – I don’t want to sell it. It would just be nice to give it to somebody who could make use of it.

#366DaysOfMusic – spread the word!

Check this great project organised by Moritz »mo.« Sauer / phlow together with Applejux, Brigitte Bijoux, Roland (, Sven Swift (Error Broadcast, 12rec.), Mango Aioli and Christian Grasse (Breitband, ByteFM): Curated by these experts on Netaudio, on every single day of the year #366DaysOfMusic features one selected track licensed under Creative Commons – free to download and share with your friends. Or you may as well listen to it via the fancy embedded HTML5-Player – works great on tablets and Smartphones as well.

Listen and spread the word!

Image Credit: CC-BY Phlow.

Must watch: Plug & Pray – Of Computers and other Human Beings

This is the english short version of my german blog article about the documentary film “Plug & Pray – Of Computers and other Human Beings“. The movie, which is directed by german film maker Jens Schanze, deals with humanoid robots, artificial intelligence, neural engineering and features some of the inventors and actors in this specific field, among them Computer Scientist and ELIZA inventor Joseph Weizenbaum.

The documentary has been shown at various Film Festivals (among them also Berlinale) and has already been released on DVD. German Free TV premiere will take place 18 January 2012 at 23:45 CET on Bayerischer Rundfunk.

Links: Plug & Pray (Official website, WP), Joseph Weizenbaum (WP).