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‘Parastrophics’ by Mouse on Mars out 24 Feb

Mouse on Mars‘ new album Parastrophics will be released this Friday, 24 February on CD, double vinyl and as download. Upon request Monkeytown told me that unfortunately there will be no additional download coming with the vinyl version, which is just too bad. (Update 28 Feb) In another eMail Marit from Monkeytown told me, that they cannot provide an additional download coming with the vinyl version because, as a small label, they depend on the additional digital sales because Vinyl releases are just too expensive, particularly for a small label.

The label provides an advance listen of the track ‘Polaroyced’ some tracks for advance listening here

A video of ‘Polaroyced’ will premiere on 29 February.

Electronic Beats Slices Magazine features an interesting video with Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma providing some insights into their production methods.

‘A turn’ in a student video

Some days ago I got a message from Brad Limov, a young filmmaker from Colorado College, who used my track ‘A turn‘ in one of his videos:

The video is a trailer for Steven Hayward‘s new novel Don’t Be Afraid. Nice one, Brad, it teases the book very well. Just a pity the video is already finished as in the meantime I have recorded a newer and better version without the slightly detuned main bass line – never mind!

P.S.: Uses like this one are exactly why I use Creative Commons licenses.

P.P.S.: The track will be part of an album due for release on net label Der kleine grüne Würfel in late spring 2012.

Recommended: Hospitality’s self-titled debut album on Merge

friend today highly recommended Hospitality’s self-titled debut album on Merge Records:

A very good Pop record, wonderful production and arrangement … last not least because there’s Nathan Michel involved, the guy who released this great “The Beast” record on Sonig - this is how circles close.

There’s nothing more to say I guess. After watching the great video and listening to the  stream it’s all clear – I’m going to buy the album tomorrow, vinyl (+download), of course.

Links: Official Merge Records page - Hospitality on Facebook - Myspace - Twitter - Bandcamp - Wikipedia.

I almost forgot how many great bands there are on Merge Records (I think the last time I listened to one of them was with Polvo’s ‘In Prism’ in 2009). Take a look, you may find it more convenient here than on the Merge website (the artist dropdown menu is a bit hard to find at first instance).