Monthly Archives: Tuesday May 15th, 2012

My album is out – now!

Würfel 13 limited CD-R: ‘I had to let God be in Control of ALL Things‘ by Marco TrovatelloStoffel and I have just released my new album on Der kleine grüne Würfel. There’s not much more to say here, as almost everything is said over here. I am looking forward to hear how people like it.

Update, 18 May 2012

Thanks so much for all the positive feedback that reached so far via Facebook, Twitter and comments over at the release page. Here’s a nice interview with Mo. from phlow magazine (in german though).

Update, 7 June 2012

Radio Airplay: Quiet Space / ABC Radio National, Freequency / ByteFM Radio Berlin

Update 25 June 2012

Radio Airplay: Radio Fritz Trackback, FBI Radio

Update 13 August 2012

Radio Airplay: Was ist Musik – BASSMusik mit Klaus Walter on byteFM.

New post-rock paper scissors podcast on … space!

It was about time to point out this gorgeous podcast: post-rock paper scissors is a weekly music podcast by Armand Babian (Twitter) from Los Angeles about “(…) post-rock and all things tangentially related.”. Originally a programme at it became a podcast in 2009 (Episode 1), accompanied by this blog.

The current, 80 minute long fulminant episode 152 deals with space science – sort of: “Today’s episode is about how we landed on the moon and how we abandoned it.”

The music selection is, as usual, not just tasteful, but also copes with the difficult topic in just the right way. Why difficult? Because music and outer space is a difficult topic, as nobody can be bothered with obsolete classic, pop or rock tunes as a soundtrack to the topic of space exploration et al. – so thanks, Armand, for that.

Anyway, this is really great ‘cinema for your mind’ (‘Kopfkino, as we would call it in german’), including some nice Neil deGrasse Tyson-references  (…see foot notes and listen to the lead-in).

… and, it’s extremely rare I can tick both the “Music” and “Space” categories of this blog at the same time. Have fun listening.

P.S.: You may download via iTunes as well.