This is the personal weblog of Marco Trovatello. It focuses on my interests such as independent music (also film and books), netaudio, netculture and netpolitics in general and (of course) space science and technology and how to communicate them, as this is my profession.

In my leisure time I play and produce music (more about that here) and help a bit running Cologne, Germany based Netaudio label Der kleine grüne Würfel. I also write columns for cologne magazine StadtRevue and occassionally also for Berlin based online magazine Netzpiloten.

As addressed above, I work as a Communication Strategist for European Space Agency ESA. Before that, I worked for DLR, the german space agency and research centre for aeronautics and space, for many years, where I was responsible for online and cross-media communication, and once before also for ESA. Often my private and professional interests mix up and you may also read about that here or on my Twitter channel.

You may connect with me via e-mail (see imprint) or via TwitterLinkedInFacebook

Views expressed in this weblog are my own and not necessarily those of my employer.

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