(Deutsch) Happy new year and a new (advance) track

Happy new year! This is an advance track of my upcoming second solo album, due sometime in 2018 (this time for real). In the last few days I finally found the time to finalise and mix all eight tracks. For me, this is always the most unpleasant and tough part of making music. Frankly, I don’t know why I post exactly this weird, epic and quite long piece as advance. But somehow it seems to fit the time.

Instruments and gear used:

Akai VX-90 Analogue Synthesizer
Fender Jaguar Baritone Custom Bass guitar
Squier Stratocaster
Ludwig Drums
Fender Jazz Bass
Ohmforce Sympthohm
Yamaha DX-7
Hollow Sun Optomotron
Logic Pro X (Recording, Sequencing, Samples), Zoom TAC-8 and Alesis Multimix 8)
Zoom H2N field recorder

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