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In September 2012 my friend Stoffel and me started writing a monthly column on Netaudio, Netlabels and all things related for german magazine Stadtrevue. Since it is mainly a print magazine and our articles are a bit hard to find in their archive, I try keep track of published articles here. Please note articles are german only.

Please note the column is still active, but this list is discontinued. You may find current episodes via  search term ‘Netzmusik’ in Stadtrevue’s online archive.

Episode #15 (December 2013) Manos: “The Soundtrack of Fate” & “The Remix of Fate”

Episode #14 (November 2013) Free music in Indonesia

Episode #13 (October 2013): Emil Klotzsch / Von Korf, Gahzed

Episode #12 (Sep 2013): Space – the final frontier, now featuring free music (or: german late night cult series Space Night now builds upon free music)

Episode #11 (Aug 2013): Crowdfunding the new european collecting society C3S

Episode #10 (July 2013): Shearer, Carb on Carb, Brennessel Netlabel

Episode #09 (June 2013: Old Splendifolia – Utterly Heartbreaking (La bèl Netlabel)

Episodel #08 (May 2013: Guitars, Guitars, Guitars. CC-licenced Metal, Classic Rock, Indierock and more.

Episode #07 (April 2013) Netzmusik Spezial: Podcasts, Blogs, Netzines

Stadtrevue-Blog, April 2013: Small Colin – Tape Productions (rec72)

Episode #06 (March 2013) Walter Benjamin (full interview / Magazine article), Maya Solovéy

Episode #05 (Feb 2013) Halster, Vassily K., Herman Müntzing / Miche (Clinical Archives); Jan Grünfeld / Phonotrash (headphonica) (Stadtrevue 02/2013)

Episode #04 (Jan 2013) Oskar Schuster, Bayatas, The Dark Colours Since 1685 (Stadtrevue 01/2013)

Episode #03 (Dec 2012) Cultural Commons Collecting Society (C3S), Cars & Trains, rec72 5th Anniversary Compilation (Stadtrevue 12/2012)

Episode #02 (Nov 2012) Zimmer Records, Zengineers, Nils Frahm, Denovali Swingfest Festival Sampler 2012 (Stadtrevue 11/2012)

Episode #01 (Oct 2012) Error Broadcast (full interview), Free Music Sampler 2012, Swearin’((Stadtrevue 10/2012)

Introductory article (Sep 2012) ‘Maximale Verbreitung! Netlabels krempeln das Musikbusiness um’ (Zoe.leela, Christian Grasse (full Interview), Marco Medkour, Moritz mo. Sauer, Julia Kotowski/Entertainment for the Braindead, Eigenheimer, Chuck Morgan, Monokle & Galun, #366DaysofMusic, Netlabelism Backup12 u.v.m.) (Stadtrevue 09/2012)

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