A track almost entirely composed with ESA’s sounds from space

Finally, I finished my first track that is almost entirely composed with the European Space Agency’s collected sounds from space – it was my concern ever since my colleague Daniel Scuka brought ESA’s Soundcloud channel to life and invited me to help him operate the platform, to continuously reach out for new sounds from within ESA and of ESA’s missions afar from Earth.

“Wailing and Failing” uses the following sounds from ESA’s Soundcloud (all of them are available under remixable Creative Commons licences):

The track as a whole is derived from an improvisation with Live and my 11-year old daughter Rosa playing the drums along.

Update, 17 October 2015

I completely forgot to say that the aforementioned is inspired by the joint Bad Panda / Fabrica release 80UA where Francesco Novara & company produced four great tracks that entirely use the archive of (remixable, public domain) NASA sounds:

‘Bluehlicht’ – revised version


OvalDNA. Photo: CC BY-SA M. Trovatello

A revised version of Bluehlicht – a track I had already published last year on SoundCloud. It is part of a new mini album that should be released sometime in 2015. The basic loop on which the track is built is taken from OvalDNA, with friendly permission by Barry Threw/OvalDNA (“samples in OvalDNA are completely free to use”).

Album on SoundCloud & Bandcamp

I just uploaded my full album, released last year on Cologne, Germany based netlabel ‘der kleine gruene wuerfel‘, for free download on SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

The reason for these additional uploads is that in the past year or so, many people searching for CC-licenced tracks to remix or use in video or film found my tracks at SoundCloud (sometimes via CC search) which is great. But what people found were mostly early versions of the tracks: rough mixes, demos etc., as this is what I used Soundcloud for – up to now. Now those tracks are available here as well (but please do not forget to pay the original release page a visit):

Video for ‘Be Sweet’

Video artist David Miñarro from Madrid, Spain, produced this great clip for one of my songs – this time “Be Sweet”, the first track of my album published last year. Enjoy – and many thanks, David!

This is the second video for one of my tracks. First was this nice reworked shot for ‘Riftzone’