‘Parastrophics’ by Mouse on Mars out 24 Feb

Mouse on Mars‘ new album Parastrophics will be released this Friday, 24 February on CD, double vinyl and as download. Upon request Monkeytown told me that unfortunately there will be no additional download coming with the vinyl version, which is just too bad. (Update 28 Feb) In another eMail Marit from Monkeytown told me, that they cannot provide an additional download coming with the vinyl version because, as a small label, they depend on the additional digital sales because Vinyl releases are just too expensive, particularly for a small label.

The label provides an advance listen of the track ‘Polaroyced’ some tracks for advance listening here

A video of ‘Polaroyced’ will premiere on 29 February.

Electronic Beats Slices Magazine features an interesting video with Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma providing some insights into their production methods.

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