Pimmon touring Europe

My friend Paul Gough, perhaps better known under his recording name Pimmon, is coming a long way from Sydney, Australia, for his second european tour after almost ten years. Here’s his tour schedule so far:

On most shows, Paul aka Pimmon will play with some other great artists, e.g.

A special date will be the “Afternoon Tea Reunion” at Hebbel am Ufer 2 in Berlin where Pimmon, Oren Ambarchi, Christian Fennesz, Peter Rehberg and Keith Rowe will perform as an Ensemble for the first time after recording the “Afternoon Tea” album for Ritornell.

Paul’s Tour starts in England at a small village called Cragg Vale. The venue sounds as if it’s perfectly suited for his experimental, sometimes ambient, sometimes droney soundscapes: According to Hibernate Records it’s a Baptist church called St John’s in the Wildnerness.

Time to listen to some Pimmon music:

Vovul II (7″, Static Caravan, 1999)
(still one of my Pimmon all-time favs)

Yicco (from “The Oansome Orbit”, Room40, 2011)

(I’d love to also provide the track ‘frosty pink’ here, but neither do I find a source on the web to embed , nor do I own the (great) Snaps, Crackles, Pops album on Tigerbeat6. In case anybody has an advice please post it in the comments section.)

Besides being a nice chap and a musician, Paul is an audio engineer working for ABC Radio National in Sydney where he also hosts Quiet Space, a programme focussing on experimental electronic music from ambient to drones to blissful pop. More on that in one my next postings.

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