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C3S launch phase: Ignition Mix

Launch phase! Crowdfunding for foundation of the Cultural Commons Collecting Society (C3S) as a registered European Cooperative starts on 15 July 2013. C3S currently is an initiative aiming at becoming an alternative to, as they call it, “dusted collecting societies”. In Germany this means C3S will become an upcoming competitor to GEMA. Members will e.g. have equal voting rights and be free in which licence to choose.

As “ignition” before launch of crowdfunding next week C3S has just published a great compilation at the Free Music Archive. Many known (or not-so-known) artists, mainly publishing under Creative Commons like Zoe.leela, Sudio, Von Korf, Die Leere im Kern Deiner Hoffnung and also myself contributed tracks. Everybody has been asked to provide a testimonial on why she or he supports C3S. Here’s mine:

“To me, foundation of C3S is long overdue. Stop bashing GEMA, join C3S and support liberation of artists and fair dissemination of cultural goods.”

Find the compilation, more testimonials and other info here.