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Music Manumit Podcast: Mutual interviews, Part II

As usual and as promised, here’s another full interview I did for my monthly column in Cologne magazine Stadtrevue, this time featuring Doug Whitfield of the superb Music Manumit Podcast.

When did you start producing Music Manumit?

In the footer of the home page (and I think every page), there’s actually an archive where you can pick by month. This is our first episode though: http://www.musicmanumit.com/2010/06/first-episode-music-manumit-podcast.html. As you can see from the date, it was recorded in May. We now date our shows by release date rather than record date. I don’t know when that change happened.

How long do you think you will continue to produce the podcast? I guess there’s a lot of enthusiasm behind, as far as I can see it’s fully non-commercial …

I have never really contemplated it, though we are currently (the month of March 2013) experimenting a bit with our format to see how we want to go forward.

In a US Constitutional sense, the word “commerce” has a very broad definition and under that definition non-profits are commercial. I think probably the definition in the Creative Commons word is slightly narrower. Of course the CBC is not in the US, and I don’t know all of the facts of their situation, but I don’t think they needed to stop playing Creative Commons music.

I mention the above simply to note the ambiguity in the term non-commercial. Currently we do not have any revenue, which I think is what you are getting at.

It’s probably worth noting here that I am working on a incorporating a 501(c)(3) with some other individuals named the Netizen Empowerment Federation (NEF). Our website is still woefully bad, but if you want to check it out it is www.netizenfed.org. It’s possible that only the Lawcast will join NEF. I suspect that NEF will be incorporated by the end of the year, but it may be longer than that before Music Manumit decides to join, if we decide to join.

I like your concept of different formats (Talk Show, Music Show, Law Show) under one label – how did you come up with the idea?

Well, the law part is simple. Tom doesn’t want to be involved. The full story of the Lawcast is actually a little more complicated, because my initial co-host had to quit due to health reasons, but that’s a story for another day.

The talk/music split is also pretty simple. I don’t like talking interspersed with music. Most music podcasts have way too much talking for my tastes. Even the relatively light Open Metalcast gets on my nerves sometimes. I listen to music while I work, but I am completely and utterly incapable of listening to talking while I work. However, we might be changing this. That’s part of our March experiment. Essentially, after ~2.5 years (3 years in May) I realized it didn’t really matter what I liked. I thought maybe there was a reason every other show does it another way. So, we are going to see.

Please describe the status quo of netaudio and free music in just a few sentences.

Interestingly, these are really two things on which we don’t focus. We focus on remixable music. Some of that falls under the free culture definition, some of it doesn’t. We’ve played a few historic tracks from the 1920s and such that are in the public domain and aside from the fact that those tracks are now on the net, I have a hard time thinking that’s what people think when they use the term netaudio.

That said, I don’t know that I have much to say. Projects like Reuse Aloud (http://www.basic.fm/?page_id=2516) keep popping up, so I have to say things are looking good. Between starting the 501(c)(3) Netizen Empowerment Federation and school, I haven’t kept up like I’d like. We seem to never have trouble getting interview guests though, so seems like things are good strong.

Tell me a bit of your general motivation behind the Music Manumit podcast.

This is probably the one where Tom and I differ the most. Partially that is because of our different backgrounds and partially that is because of where we were in our lives when we started the project. I knew I was ready for something different, but I had not yet decided upon law school. Suffice it to say that the seeds of the project were born at OpenCamp in April 2009 in Madison, WI. The thing that keeps me going when I get busy is the great music and the great people we talk to almost every week.

Music Manumit Podcast: Mutual interviews, Part I

Green dice

Image credit: Krdan/Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY.

This weekend, I was interviewed by Doug and Tom from Music Manumit, a US-american podcast on Creative Commons music and news. Music Manumit has several formats: Talk Show, Music Show, Punk Show – these names speaking for themselves – and Law Show. “Law Show?” you may ask. Yes, Law Show, as music and other creative goods have a lot to do with Copyright and Licencing nowadays, Doug as a law student decided to release yet another format of the show.

Anyway, I was invited to the talk show, hence you can hear Doug, Tom & me gabbling on netlabel Der kleine grüne Würfel, current and future releases, Creative Commons, continous optimisation of licencing, Cory Doctorow, Nine Inch Nails & CC, Cologne Commons, C3S, GEMA, distinction between Creative Commons culture in Europe and the US and much more for about 50 minutes or so.

Listen if you dare: der kleine grüne Würfel – 130721 – Music Manumit Podcast

Addendum I

A while ago, I interviewed Doug for our monthly netaudio column for Cologne magazine Stadtrevue. I still owe posting the full interview here in my blog, this is upcoming.

Addendum II

Directly after the show, I was hijacked by Ryan Breedlove aka RynoTheBearded for his #Unformatted podcast to which you can listen here. Ryno runs a 24/7 live CC music station and livecasted the Music Manumit episode I was taking part in.