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Album on SoundCloud & Bandcamp

I just uploaded my full album, released last year on Cologne, Germany based netlabel ‘der kleine gruene wuerfel‘, for free download on SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

The reason for these additional uploads is that in the past year or so, many people searching for CC-licenced tracks to remix or use in video or film found my tracks at SoundCloud (sometimes via CC search) which is great. But what people found were mostly early versions of the tracks: rough mixes, demos etc., as this is what I used Soundcloud for – up to now. Now those tracks are available here as well (but please do not forget to pay the original release page a visit):

Music Manumit Podcast: Mutual interviews, Part I

Green dice

Image credit: Krdan/Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY.

This weekend, I was interviewed by Doug and Tom from Music Manumit, a US-american podcast on Creative Commons music and news. Music Manumit has several formats: Talk Show, Music Show, Punk Show – these names speaking for themselves – and Law Show. “Law Show?” you may ask. Yes, Law Show, as music and other creative goods have a lot to do with Copyright and Licencing nowadays, Doug as a law student decided to release yet another format of the show.

Anyway, I was invited to the talk show, hence you can hear Doug, Tom & me gabbling on netlabel Der kleine grüne Würfel, current and future releases, Creative Commons, continous optimisation of licencing, Cory Doctorow, Nine Inch Nails & CC, Cologne Commons, C3S, GEMA, distinction between Creative Commons culture in Europe and the US and much more for about 50 minutes or so.

Listen if you dare: der kleine grüne Würfel – 130721 – Music Manumit Podcast

Addendum I

A while ago, I interviewed Doug for our monthly netaudio column for Cologne magazine Stadtrevue. I still owe posting the full interview here in my blog, this is upcoming.

Addendum II

Directly after the show, I was hijacked by Ryan Breedlove aka RynoTheBearded for his #Unformatted podcast to which you can listen here. Ryno runs a 24/7 live CC music station and livecasted the Music Manumit episode I was taking part in.

Remix by Das Blaue Monster & Free Music Contest 2012

With a lot of electronica and dubtechno in mind, Das Blaue Monster did a great remix of my track ‘Riftzone’ as part of Free Music Contest 2012.

The original of this track also won a release on the Free Music Sampler 2012 which is availbale as free download (donations welcome) or Digipak-CD (2,50 Euro) here. It features bands and musicians from all over the world. Props and thanks go to Musikpiraten/Christian Hufgard for the great project!

Here’s the remix …

… and here’s the original:

Kudos and many thanks, Blaues Monster!

Download: ccmixter / Soundcloud

Original release Würfel 13 here.

My album is out – now!

Würfel 13 limited CD-R: ‘I had to let God be in Control of ALL Things‘ by Marco TrovatelloStoffel and I have just released my new album on Der kleine grüne Würfel. There’s not much more to say here, as almost everything is said over here. I am looking forward to hear how people like it.

Update, 18 May 2012

Thanks so much for all the positive feedback that reached so far via Facebook, Twitter and comments over at the release page. Here’s a nice interview with Mo. from phlow magazine (in german though).

Update, 7 June 2012

Radio Airplay: Quiet Space / ABC Radio National, Freequency / ByteFM Radio Berlin

Update 25 June 2012

Radio Airplay: Radio Fritz Trackback, FBI Radio

Update 13 August 2012

Radio Airplay: Was ist Musik – BASSMusik mit Klaus Walter on byteFM.