The SPT Cassingle Series

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superpolar Taips - Tiger Village Cassingle

25 Artists. 25 C-5 (that’s 2:30 per side) cassettes. Exclusive B-sides. Strictly limited to 10 hand-dubbed copies each. Custom design (artwork by the artist, layout by SPT). That’s the SPT Cassingle series in a nutshell. In case any profit is made (which is unlikely, unfortunately), it will go either straight to the artists or charitable cultural/music/arts promoting organisations. Why? superpolar Taïps is a non-commercial label that does it for the love of music.

The first batch of three is now ready and will be released on Friday 6 November 2020. Artists are Tiger Village (SPT03), The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor (SPT04) and Harald Sack Ziegler (SPT05), and I am super grateful for the great music they have delivered.

Artists: While I am very much looking forward to the remaining submissions, please remember the deadline is 1 December 2020.

Stay tuned for more details on the individual releases and artists mentioned above here and over at Bandcamp.

P.S.: Eventually all 25 A-sides will be released on a compilation, planned for Spring 2021.

bleed Air (SPT02)

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bleed Air’s debut full-length is a mix tape blending dark ambient, playful electronica as well as experimental beat and drone.

A journey into warm, analogue noise, echo and soundscapes, sometimes resembling a soundtrack for a yet to be filmed low budget sci-fi movie. When Robot choirs start singing or broken analogue circuits and filters start doing what they want, it can get wacky, but we think it always remains pleasant to listen. Mostly analogue electronic gear, often of the cheaper and not exactly hip kind, and tape effects were used.

It is recommended to listen to each side of the album in one piece.

bleed Air lives in Cologne, runs this label, loves his Omnichord OM-27 and his tape echo too.

Ball Geographie – Live at Budokan (SPT01)

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Many references and elements come to mind when trying to describe Ball Geographie’s music: From Chamber Pop to Disco. From Lo-fi to High-End. Found sound referencing the likes of Studio Braun. Fully conscious use of presets, but only when they make full sense. Beats. No improvisation, everything is always structured to the maximum. 80ies vibes, folky guitars, timelessness …. It is electronic, and acoustic.

Ball Geographie lives, works and produces his music in Cologne, Germany. He loves his Boss DR-550 and its HiQ sound. Kalimbas, musical toys and Dictaphones too.

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